Our free card-blocking service ‘Activate!’ enables you to have total peace of mind when you use your ez-link card! Apart from having the ability to track your transactions for the past 90 days within 3 months, you will also be able to block your ez-link card if you lose it and be covered in the event of unauthorized usage on your lost card.

Here is how it works!

Register your current ez-link cards with us

via the 'Register Now' button on top or download our Mobile App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Track your spending pattern and habits with this nifty function!

Block your registered cards in the event of lost and recover the remaining funds in them!

You are now protected against lost cards! What’s more, you are protected from unauthorized usage of up to $15.

Your Checklist to Block & Obtain Card Refunds:

Step 1: Report your lost card* – Call our Customer Service at 6496 8300
Step 2: Provide required verification details to us
Step 3: File a police report within 24 hours and submit the report to customerservice@ezlink.com.sg within 7 days
Step 4: Nominate an existing card registered on ‘Activate!’ to enable the refund OR register a new card on ‘Activate!’
Step 5: Check if you have received an email notification from us after a month
Step 6: Sync remaining money at AXS machines within 90 days to complete the transfer of recovered funds from your lost card to your new one *Remaining money on card will only be calculated based on the date & time your loss report was made to EZ-Link. All refunds are via card to card funds transfer. The above are key required steps to enable a successful card blocking and refund, failing which your claim will expire and you will have no further right to claim the refund of the remaining stored value.