EZ-Pay Corporate is a post-paid card-less payment service which guarantees there are always sufficient funds for ERP charges by enabling payments to be charged directly to a Citibank Corporate Card. The service is absolutely free with no registration or subscription fee.

With EZ-Pay Corporate, companies with a fleet of vehicles can link multiple vehicles1 to their Citibank Corporate Card, thereby eliminating the need for their drivers to top up or insert a store-valued card into the In-Vehicle Unit (IU). For the tracking of EZ-Pay Corporate transactions, companies will receive weekly or month transaction reports via email and their Citibank Corporate Card statements.

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21A Citibank Corporate Credit Card can link to multiple vehicles subjected to credit limit to be determined during credit assessment.

Application Process

To apply for EZ-Pay Corporate Service, please email to commercialcards.sg@citi.com with subject title “EZ-Pay Corporate Service”. The whole application process will take approximately 21 day.