1. What can I pay for using this service?

At the launch, this online payment service can be used to settle any outstanding EZ-Pay charges due to EZ-Link.

2. How do I use this service?

You may follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Agree to the terms and conditions.
Step 2: Enter NRIC/ID and select the EZ-Link scheme from drop down list.
Step 3: Check and confirm outstanding amount due for payment.
Step 4: Provide your email address and payment card details.

3. What payment modes do you accept?

We accept all Singapore issued credit/debit cards (VISA/MASTERCARD).

4. What information do I need to use this service?

You are required to enter your NRIC/ID number in order to search for any outstanding payment with EZ-Link. After verifying the records, you will need to provide your email address and credit card details to complete the payment transaction.

5. How do I know if the payment is settled successfully?

You will know the payment status immediately on the website upon completion of the transaction.

If it’s successfully transacted, an email receipt will be also sent to your email address for future reference.

If payment is not successful, you can attempt to make payment again or use another Singapore issued credit/debit card (VISA/MASTERCARD).

6. Can I make partial payment for my outstanding amount?

No, you can only make full payment for all outstanding amount on the same scheme.

7. What if I don’t agree with the total amount outstanding?

Please contact us for clarification via the EZL Hotline at 64968300 (operating hours are 8am to 6pm daily except public holidays).

8. How do I know if this website is safe for me to release my credit card details?

Our online payment page is protected by a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. It is a standard secure protocol used by other banks and financial institutions.

9. What do I do when I encounter any errors?

You may contact us via the EZL Hotline at 64968300 (operating hours are 8am to 6pm daily except public holidays) if you have any issues.