Request For Proposal (RFP) Notice
RFP Title

Replacement Solution of Tokenization Solution for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Applications



Eligibility Criteria

Submission of Vendor Profile Form and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): 14 November 2016 (Monday) or earlier


Vendor shall email the completed ‘Vendor Profile Form’ via and deliver by post/courier service one (1) completed hard copy of the Vendor Profile Form to EZ-Link’s POC.

Vendor shall email the completed NDA via and deliver by post/courier service two (2) completed hard copies of the NDA to EZ-Link’s POC.

To be eligible for receiving RFP documents from EZ-Link’s POC, hard copies for both ‘Vendor Profile Form’ and NDA must be received by EZ-Link’s POC.

Release of RFP documents (For eligible Tenderer)15 November 2016 (Tuesday)
RFP Closing Date and Time1500 on 5 December 2016
Point of Contact (POC)Procurement Department
Email Address


EZ-Link reserves the right to shortlist Tenderer under this RFP or none at all, or to award in part or none at all, the RFP in their absolute discretion.
 Download of NDA and Vendor Profile Form (Annex A)   NDA
Annex A_Vendor Profile Form